Understanding Emotional Abuse And How A Divorce Attorney Can Help

Domestic abuse is prevalent, and many victims fail to report their abusers. Sometimes victims are married to their abusers, and there might be circumstances such as the abuser being well-respected in the community, the couple having minor children, or the abuser being the primary or sole provider for the household. At some point, victims may get tired of the abuse and seek to get out of the marriage by filing for divorce. This can be dangerous if there have been threats of violence or physical abuse. 

It is important to understand that domestic abuse does not have to involve physical harm. Some victims experience emotional abuse, which may be harder to prove than black eyes, other bodily bruises, or broken bones. The following points outline a few types of emotional abuse.

Threats of Violence

Some individuals stay with their spouses because they have never slapped, punched, choked, shoved, or grabbed them by their hair. However, an abuser might make the threat to do bodily harm, which can cause fear. Abusers may also use scare tactics such as brandishing guns or knives to evoke fear. After these episodes, it is common for abusers to gaslight victims, which may make them feel like it is their fault the abuser misbehaved. They may also apologize and make promises not to do it again. Abusers can be wealthy or poor, and wealthy individuals may persuade their spouses to forgive them by doting on them with lavish gifts, flowers, or vacations. 


This usually appears in the dating phase, but some individuals may overlook the "red flags." Jealousy may cause individuals to stalk their spouses by eavesdropping, going through their cell phones or phone records, presuming their spouse is cheating, and starting quarrels. They may also show up unannounced to places their spouses have told them they will be to see if they are being lied to. 

Obsessive and Controlling Behavior

Abusers may play mind games and try to manipulate their spouses into believing that they behave erratically because they love them. Their controlling behavior may cause them to choose who their spouse can be friends with. They might choose their spouse's clothing and hairstyles. Some abusers control the household finances. There are others who will not allow their spouses to work. 

A divorce attorney is a good resource for victims to use to learn ways to validate emotional abuse claims. If there is physical violence, they can explain the importance of taking photos, pressing charges, and getting police reports. These are instrumental in getting judges to approve requests for protective orders. It may also help to ensure that victims get spousal support and custody of their children. 

Domestic abuse can have a lasting impact on families and negatively affect future generations. Individuals who want to divorce have to ensure they do it safely and have the necessary proof. A divorce attorney can explain the importance of documenting the dates of abuse and what occurred.

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