What Issues May Complicate Your Uncontested Divorce And How Can An Attorney Help You Avoid Them?

An uncontested divorce can take a relatively short time and cost significantly less if the divorcing couples avoid costly errors. Otherwise, certain mistakes can prolong the process or have long-lasting consequences after marriage dissolution. An effective way to avoid these errors is by working with a divorce attorney. Below are issues that may complicate your uncontested divorce and how an attorney can help you avoid them:

Dating During Divorce

What you say and do during the divorce can cause your spouse to change their decision to have an amicable, uncontested divorce. One of the things that could compromise proceedings is starting another relationship before completing the divorce process. A new relationship could cause disagreements between you and your spouse, leading them to contest the divorce. Consequently, the cost and duration of your marriage dissolution go higher. 

For this reason, your attorney will likely advise you to put off any dating plans until you finalize the divorce process. Doing this will enable you and your soon-to-be-ex partner to focus on important issues that must be agreed upon, e.g., child custody, so that you can finalize the divorce more efficiently.

Bad-Mouthing Your Spouse to Your Kids

Your partner might feel hurt if they realize you are bad-mouthing them to your kids. They may worry that you're feeding your children negative information to convince them that you are the better parent. Rightfully, your soon-to-be-ex is unlikely to condone this behavior because it could make them lose their parental rights. Instead, they might hold hard-line stands when discussing custody. This complicates the process because it brings about challenges when discussing how much time you will spend with the kids. Bad-mouthing your partner to your kids might also have a long-term impact on their relationship with you and may skew their view of marriage.

Failing to Get Legal Help

It is important to note that what began as an uncontested divorce can sometimes become contested. As a result, the process is prolonged and becomes more expensive than expected. Moreover, legal issues emerge after marriage dissolution in some uncontested divorce cases, triggering legal battles between the divorced couple. For these reasons, working with a legal advisor for your uncontested divorce is prudent. They will guide and advise you throughout the process to prevent issues that might complicate your marriage dissolution or familial relationships down the line.

The issues above can complicate your uncontested divorce and bring about disruption. When this happens, it might be challenging to agree on certain issues, prolonging the negotiations for several weeks or months. Thus, it is always advisable to work with a divorce attorney so that you can get guidance and advice that will help ensure a streamlined process.

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