Why You Still Need A Divorce Attorney When Using A "Kitchen Table Agreement"

Have you heard of the term "kitchen table agreement?" This term is relatively new with divorces, yet it is something that many couples consider using in their divorce cases. A kitchen table agreement involves a couple working together to make decisions for their divorce. If you want to consider this option, you should analyze it first. While it can work well for some couples, it does not eliminate the need to hire a divorce attorney.

The Basics of a Kitchen Table Agreement

People refer to this arrangement as a kitchen table agreement because it takes place sitting down with your spouse. You sit together and discuss your divorce. The goal is to create an agreement for each issue you must discuss. For example, if you have a house, you must agree on what to do with it. If you have kids, you will have to decide how you will parent them and who they will live with. Working out an arrangement on each issue is the basic principle of a kitchen table agreement in divorce. If you have questions about this type of divorce, talk to an attorney to learn more.

Reasons You Still Need an Attorney

When you talk to an attorney about a kitchen table agreement, you will learn why you should hire a lawyer for help, even though you do not have to have one. Working out an agreement with your spouse is a good idea, but you still need legal assistance with your divorce. If you do not have a lawyer assisting you with this, you would have to handle all the legal work yourself.

When you hire a lawyer for help with a kitchen table agreement, he or she will assist in the following ways:

  • Provide you with legal advice about the issues you are uncertain about
  • Create the legal documents for you
  • File the documents with the court
  • Help you know what issues to discuss and settle
  • Offer options for you

Hiring an attorney to assist with a kitchen table agreement is a wise idea if you are using a kitchen table agreement. You can learn more about these agreements by talking to a divorce lawyer.

Using a kitchen table agreement can be a great option for some couples, but it is not ideal for everyone. If you have questions about divorce, talk to an attorney who works in divorce law before making any decisions for your situation.