Top Factors That Have An Impact On Getting Custody Of Your Child

Going through a divorce isn't easy and if you have children, this can be even more challenging. If you're like many people in this situation, you may try to get custody of your child. However, there are many things that will determine if you will or not, and knowing the factors that will have an impact on your situation is ideal.

1. Your income

The amount of money you earn annually will play a large role in being able to get custody. It's vital for you to earn enough to support both you and your child when you're applying to get child custody.

You'll need to prove the amount of your income by way of a W-2 or past income tax return. Providing these will allow you to show your financial status.

2. Medical history

It's necessary to have good health if you wish to get full custody of your child. You'll need to care for your kid and this means you'll need to feel well enough to do so.

It may be vital to authorize your medical records to be given to the court. Proving that your health is good enough to raise a child could be vital to the outcome of your case.

3. Residence

The location and home you live is something that will be strongly considered when you're trying to get child custody. It's ideal to reside close to the school of your kid to avoid the need to make major changes.

You'll need to have a home that's in good shape and offers the necessary essentials to your child. Having the basic things, such as electricity, running water, and heating and air are ideal.

4. Preference

Your child will be asked which parent is preferred to live with for the long term. This is something that will be taken into strong account by the court.

It's in your best interest to have a positive relationship with your kid if you wish to get full custody of this individual.

Going through a divorce can be a very trying time and you'll want to work your way through this stage of life with the least amount of stress. However, getting custody of your child may be foremost on your mind and knowing the factors that can enable you to do so are vital. Be sure to consult with your child custody attorney today for guidance through this process.