2 Things You Can Do To Help Your Attorney After Filing A Social Security Disability Claim

If you have recently been diagnosed with a debilitating disease or sustained serious injuries that made it impossible for you to work, you may be in the process of filing a social security disability claim. Even if you have already consulted with a lawyer, there are a couple of things you can do to help with getting your claim approved.

1.  Go to All of Your Doctor's Appointments

Right before you initially filed your claim, you were probably seeing one or more doctors. Not only were you seeking care for your disease or injury, but you may have been undergoing multiple tests so that you could receive a proper diagnosis from a doctor deeming you unable to work.

However, just because you have already filed your claim, this does not mean you should stop going to your doctors. The caseworkers through whom your claim will be processed may want further proof of your disability.

Plus, if you are sick or injured enough to not work, you should be visiting your doctors regularly for treatment. If you either stop going or skip too many appointments, it would make it appear as though you are not as disabled as you claim, which could hurt your chances of being approved.

2.  Keep Track of Any Documentation Related to Your Disability

Along with going to all of your doctors' appointments, you also need to be vigilant with keeping track of any documentation related to your disability. While your attorney can get most of the information required for your claim, you have more direct access to your medical records without having to cut through a lot of red tape.

To make gathering your medical documentation either, try to set up a regular time when you request your most recent reports, test results, and doctors' and therapists' notes. Depending on how often you have appointments or tests, you can base the intervals on that. 

For example, if you visit a physical therapist two or three times a week, request that week's notes the following Monday to give them time to process them. Or, if you see a particular doctor once a month, ask if you can have a copy of the notes either that day or the following.

Being vigilant about keeping your doctor's appointments and collecting any documentation related to your disability can help you gather the evidence you need that could help get your disability claim approved. Speak with your social security attorney to find out more about other things you can do to help your case along.