Do You Need A Lawyer For A Dog Bite Injury?

Dog bites are often more serious than people initially believe. If you have never been bitten by a dog before, you might not realize the significance of these injuries. Many people are killed by dog attack injuries each year.

If you have been bit by a dog recently, you may be considering going to court. As a result, you might think about hiring a personal injury law firm like Maruca Law to manage your case. Weighing the pros and cons of hiring an attorney may feel difficult.

Read on to see if hiring a personal injury attorney for dog bites is right for your situation.

Consider Your Injuries

The severity of your injuries will have a lot to do with how you choose to proceed. For instance, you might experience severe nerve damage that prevents you from returning to work in a timely manner.

An attorney can help you fight for more than the basic level of medical bills. Your personal injury attorney helps you fight for lost wages, medical expenses, and even pain and suffering. Your attorney can also help demonstrate that your injuries may require ongoing treatment.

Personal injury attorneys can pursue cases by finding expert witnesses to testify on your behalf. This may benefit your case much more than you representing yourself in court.

Consider Criminal Charges

In some states, the owner of the dog in question may also be charged with a crime following the bite. Local leash laws will have a lot to do with how the court chooses to proceed. In most cases, the violations are considered misdemeanors.

Many people worry that if they pursue a court case, the owner of the dog may face severe consequences. This may pose a problem if the owner is a relative, friend, or neighbor. The benefit of hiring a personal injury attorney in a case like this is to learn more about local laws.

Consider State Personal Injury Laws

Each state, and even some smaller jurisdictions, will have unique laws. Some states hold dog owners liable for all types of bites, whereas others may instead only target bites that occur on public property. Consult with an attorney to learn more about local and state regulations.

Some states may also have stricter rules for proving negligence and also demonstrating that you did not provoke the dog. States also have statutes of limitation for personal injury cases, including dog bites.

Finally, keep in mind that these professionals are experienced with communication and trials. If you are ready to hire a personal injury attorney, make an appointment with a trusted professional today.