When You Should Make Changes To Your Child Custody And Visitation Agreements

Splitting up custody of your children can be emotionally rough in the beginning but kids do best when they follow a set schedule. Children also have different needs as they grow and develop individual talents, interests and hobbies. Whether you initially agreed to a 50-50 custody arrangement or want to start seeing your children more as a result of career changes, your permanent custody and visitation agreement can be modified through the assistance of a family law lawyer.

Petitioning Family Court to Modify Custody Arrangements

Although many parents attempt to follow their custody agreements to the letter it is okay to make outside arrangements as long as both parents agree. For example, you might consent to taking your children to all of their sports activity practices because your ex-spouse is working numerous overtime shifts. If your modified arrangements are only temporary it may not be sensible to change your permanent custody order. However, if you are paying child support but your children are now primarily living under your roof your family law lawyer would likely urge you to petition for a modification to your custody agreement.

Requesting More Visitation or Custody Due to Life Changes

It may be awhile to settle into a set visitation schedule and become accustomed to court order child custody but it can actually help to prevent disagreements and confusion between parents. As your family law lawyer will inform you, family court systems also anticipate that these binding agreements will periodically need to be modified. The other parent may become unable or unwilling to follow your court ordered visitation order, or you may want to make changes to the agreement that the other parent does not agree with.

If you want to become the primary custodial parent you will need to have a hearing in front of a judge. You can present evidence that shows how involved you are in your child's life and explain how you feel that more custody or visitation would be a benefit to your child. If appropriate you may also let the judge know of any examples of neglect or contempt on the part of the other parent, as well as what you have done to try and keep your child safe. In most cases it is prudent to be represented by a family law lawyer, like Joanna Cobleigh Esq, when attempting to modify custody or visitation. Your attorney will let you know if requesting a home study, attending counseling or even subpoenaing witnesses would be helpful as it pertains to gaining more parental rights.