Awkward Family Law Situations And How Best To Avoid Them

Some people just cannot help themselves. During a divorce, they do the most thoughtless, careless, hurtful and stupidly awkward things. Most of these things can be avoided. Here is some advice on how to avoid awkward family law situations and how best to avoid them.

Bringing the New Partner to Court with You

Some people do bring their new love interests to court with them intentionally. It is an inflammatory slap in the face to you, and in poor judgement, especially considering that the new love interest is not allowed to enter the courtroom anyway. That is not to say that your former spouse's lover cannot be there, just that it is in very bad taste. If your ex's lawyer has any decency to mention it, the lover should wait in the car rather than sit in the hallway of the courthouse during the hearing. If you are the guilty party, reconsider leaving your new partner at home where he/she is not likely to stir up lots of unpleasant feelings, stress and bitterness.

Bringing the Children with You

This is wrong on so many levels. You are involving your children in what is otherwise a very adult situation. At best, you appear to have poor judgement or appear to be unprepared for your hearing. At worst, you appear to be manipulating the children into seeing what goes on between you and their father/mother so that you can attempt to alienate them. Leave the children at home in the care of another responsible and trustworthy adult.

Involving Your Ex's Neighbors

This maneuver is beyond the pale. You or your ex introduce yourself to your ex's neighbors, then ask the neighbors to spy on the ex. Worse yet, you then invite those neighbors to court with the expectation that they will testify at a custody hearing. The biggest problems with these issues is that you are causing strife in your ex's neighborhood, attempting to publicly humiliate your ex, and/or making your family affairs someone else's business, which it should not be.

This makes things particularly difficult for your ex, since he/she can no longer interact with these neighbors without extremely negative consequences. If the neighbors are not related to you, do not involve them. If they want "to help," refuse their help. Neighbors who offer to help with your divorce and custody issues are only in it for two things- to stir up trouble and get some gossip. For more advice, contact a family law attorney like Marlene Dancer Adams.